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Commercial Resin Surfacing Services Surrey

Whilst resin surfacing is very popular with home owners across Surrey and the south of England, it is also widely used in commercial landscaping. A good reason why resin is a great choice for surfacing your commercial property is that no loose stones or chippings means Resin Bound Surfaces are anti-slip and Wheelchair, Pushchair and Bicycle friendly. They are smooth underfoot but with grip for the poor  weather conditions we have in the UK, increasing public safety for pedestrians and motorists alke. They are tough for cars to turn and park on them and look fantastic thanks to available choices of colours and patterns.

Our commercial resin surfacing service in Surrey is ideal for:

  • High pedestrian areas such as footpaths and footbridges.
  • Car parks and cycle routes.
  • New housing developments.
  • Theme parks, hospitals, airports and other public areas.
  • As part of wider landscaping schemes.


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